My Story


Coach Stella

I’m delighted you want to find out about me and my journey. I wake up each morning with deliberate intention to use my wealth of experience, trainings and knowledge to help special people like you create the life and business of their dreams.

My Story

My life has been an incredible journey of one life-altering experience to another. I often joke with friends that I am a cat with nine lives. I’ve evolved over time going through various jobs, trainings, personal losses and tragedies – maneuvering through extreme lack, battling with depression and panic attacks.

As a result of my personal and professional experiences, I am particularly passionate about resilience and wellness coaching. I now work majorly with women – to help them discover their own purpose, strength, worth and brilliance. My target is those individuals who feel lost, confused, hopeless, overwhelmed with life and work, those who feel undervalued, neglected, unfairly treated, underprivileged and often with unheard voices.

I’ve had to struggle with confusion on what to do with my life at various points and ages - right after my NYSC and at the end of my various jobs. At these points, it was always ‘what next?’ ‘Where do I go from here?’ In addition to this confusion, I battled with self-doubt disguised as laziness, demotivation, indifference and fear. I hadn’t quite realized how limiting this was until I started to self-audit. I came to the sudden realization that I was no longer in doubt as to what I do not want in life. The quest then became how to find out what I really do want.

Again, these struggles gave birth to my interest in youth programs, where I offer my services to young people who need support in starting their dream business, or need clarity around which career path to follow as well as discover their life purpose. I wasted a few years wandering around in confusion, fear, doubt and uncertainty. It will be my greatest pleasure to help re-direct young people so they don’t have to deal with these.

If you are still here and reading, thank you. Let’s do this!

Through my offer, you would be able to:
* Identify and create your goals
* Get support to help you stay on track
* Deal with any obstacles to your goal
* Stay motivated until the end
* Achieve your goals

It will be my absolute joy to support you as you go through life transitions in various aspects, be it relationship, work/business or wellness. I would love to assist you re-ignite your dreams again, move pass life’s setbacks, help you put things into proper perspective and focus again on what is really important, and personally meaningful to you. I am 100 per cent invested in your wholeness, success and progress. My coaching style is insightful, professional, relaxed, exciting and fun. I’ll help you identify your “next best steps” along your path to greater fulfillment and achievement.

The self-audit coach

Your life purpose...

Is about being you

Find out what your natural gift or talent is and perhaps use that to earn a living or find fulfillment.

Professional Bio

Stella Ekwenibe is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, a Certified ILS Life and Business coach, a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Nigeria Chapter, an inspirational speaker, self-styled self-audit coach, a visual communicator and a business owner.

Her mission is to inspire others to unlock their full potential and create the business and life of their dreams. With a deep passion and commitment to empowering others to become the best version of themselves, Stella believes that if anyone is willing, new opportunities always await them.

She strives to inspire others to look inwards so as to step into their truth, reclaim their power, live with intention and purpose in line with her core message — “what you do not address, you allow to subsist.”

Stella gives back to the society every year through volunteer work, running youth program on personal development in a state vocational centre, spanning three years in a row.

She uses an interactive roundtable speaking style - personal anecdotes and stories - in her speaking engagements while deploying practical real world tools from her life journey, and over fifteen years of work experience in her coaching service to connect deeply with her audiences.

Some of Stella’s favorite topics to speak on include self-care, regaining your personal power, self-auditing, building resilience, making fear an ally, finding your passion, work/life integration, mastering your ‘why,’ breaking limiting beliefs and self-love.

She is available for bookings for workshops, educational talks in schools, intimate gatherings, churches and more.

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