Life Coaching

Life Coaching - (6 sessions)

We specialize in coaching women in the following areas:

Weight Management:

If you have tried dieting and exercise and not happy with the result you see, wouldn’t you want to try something else? You might need a little help here. We believe that the right tools, support and accountability thrown in the mix through our very powerful 12-week weight loss program might just be what you need to shed that extra weight and keep it off.

Lifestyle Change Coaching:

This is a 12-week plan that will transform your physical and mental health, truly changing the way you live and enjoy life. It incorporates light physical and mental exercises with coaching sessions.

Stress Management:

Let’s explore your personal approach to stress control. What else is possible?

Resilience Building:

Life does throw us curved balls from time to time. Sometimes this might result to a feeling of being stuck and unable to find a way or even a will to move forward. We understand this feeling too well and would love to help you recover after a setback and traumatic life challenge.

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*(Payment is per session)


Chances are that you already know that self-care is being mindful of your own needs, taking care of those needs. It’s the ability to promote your health in order to prevent diseases and other health concerns like stress, depression, anxiety, among others. The question is, are you motivated on the daily to do this? And how do you do it? Lack of self-care could be sabotaging your efforts big time. We could explore how and where.


If an individual doesn't believe in himself/herself, who else will? Your body language, your behavior, how you speak and how you react to different situations can often portray to others how confident you are. Do you know that your relationship, career, lifestyle and even health may all begin to suffer unless positive action is taken to build or improve your confidence?

Work-Life Integration:

Are you robbing Peter to pay Paul? You know you don’t have to right? Let’s help you find how you can spread your time without spreading yourself thin!

Life After Divorce/40 Years:

Should you need extra support to handle mid-life and life altering challenges, we are solidly behind you, offering you the needed insights and tools to navigate this special stage.


Tailored to services

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*(Payment is per session)

*All sessions are paid upfront and in full. Session duration: 1hr


* 1 hour Coaching sessions via zoom (similar app of choice) or face2face meeting

* 15 Mins extra support call, once a week during the coaching journey

* Unlimited email support between sessions

* 20 Mins WhatsApp chat once a week

* An optional in-depth 2-hour wellness review (at extra cost)

* Issue management, evaluation and progress support

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Our services are aimed at promoting the eight dimensions of wellness; increased work productivity, personal fulfillment and effectiveness to individuals, teams and organizations.

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